Consumer Preferences of Organised Retail Outlet in Coimbatore District


  • A. Karthikeyan Research Scholar, Department of Management, Park's College, Tirupur and Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
  • Dr. M. Sadhika Sultana Associate Professor, Department of Management, Park's College, Tirupur, India



retail, consumer, coimbatore, outlet


Retail industry is an important source of self employment in India since a long ago. As change is the important rule of the environment. So, today, we can also see a drastic change in the retail industry too. Today, retail industry has been segregated into two parts i.e. unorganized retail industry and organized retail industry. Unorganized retail industry includes traditional kirana stores which are not registered and have not to follow any bulk of legal formalities. Organized retailing is the retailing in which the retail shop is centrally run by the registered retailer with few employees providing comfort and self service facility to the customers which attract the customers towards it. Besides, all the facilities provided by the organized retailers, customers are still attracted towards unorganized retailers too. There are different facilities and services available to the customers in unorganized retailing and organized retailing. The present study is an attempt to assess consumer preference and perception in organized retail outles in Coimbatore district.


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A. Karthikeyan, & Dr. M. Sadhika Sultana. (2022). Consumer Preferences of Organised Retail Outlet in Coimbatore District. Management Journal for Advanced Research, 2(4), 35–40.