An Article on Bridging the Gap between Industry & Academia


  • Aditya Padhyar Student, MBA 2nd Year (Fin), SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India
  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey Associate Professor, SSR IMR, Silvassa, Permanently Affiliated to SPPU, Pune, India



industry, academia, employability, 5 r model


Industry – Academia has always been complimentary to each other. The Industry solves the aspirations of budding professionals and the academia supports in strengthening the intellect of the individual to match the standards required by the Industry.  Once these avenues of Industry – Academia do not match, the Gap arises. In recent years, concerns have arisen regarding the industry-academia gap, leading to a growing number of individuals making ill-suited career choices. Bridging this gap is essential to minimize career mismatches and ensure a seamless transition for aspiring professionals. Both academia and industry must collaborate to address this issue and equip students with the necessary skills and information to make informed career decisions.

This study attempts to understand the essence of coordination between Industry and Academia. It furthers attempts to identify the Gap between Industry & Academia and present potential solution to bridge the gap. This exploratory & descriptive study is conducted by the help of Secondary & Primary data. As primary data, the Interviews with 9 Industry representatives have equipped the Researchers to conclude the study with pertinent recommendations. The Researchers have attempted to offer a pragmatic framework in the form of the 5 R Model, aiming to equip students with the requisite skills, relevance, and resilience to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. The scope of the study majorly encompasses the understanding on the Gap between Industry & Academia. The inferences cited in the research are largely based on the Researchers thoughts, theoretical understanding & the opinion gathered from the Interviews of the selected Industry representative. Hence the Inferences are indicative in nature rather exhaustive.


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