Enhancing Sales through Marketing Strategies: A Case of the Cropchem Brand


  • Bertha Tembo Graduate School of Business, University of Zambia, Zambia
  • Bupe Getrude Mwanza Graduate School of Business, University of Zambia, Zambia




marketing strategies, sales volume, grochemical business, Zambia


This study investigated key marketing strategies that enhanced sales volume for agrochemical products at Cropchem. Being centred on marketing processes by businesses and organizations, the study was anchored on the “Marketing Mix” and the “Push and Pull" theories which depict concern for determining the needs of the potential customers and pushing the solutions out to those customers. The research used an exploratory qualitative design. Research data was collected using interviews and focus group discussions (FGDs) to unearth the truth on a fact-finding mission. A total of 34 individuals were interviewed; 5 each from Cropchem employees, agro dealers, commercial farmers and households supplemented by 2 FGDs (14) comprised of small -scale farmers, using purposive sampling. The research concluded that despite the challenges faced by Cropchem, ten (10) various kinds of marketing strategies were identified to have been used by the firm, out of which four (competitive pricing; physical evidence, social media and process) stood out to be effective for enhanced sales volume of Cropchem products. This shows the extent to which customer behavior was influenced by those key marketing strategies in enhancing sales volumes of the agrochemical products. Some recommendations were made, and it was concluded that not all marketing strategies used in the agrochemical business can enhance sales volume. The marketing strategies, competitive pricing, physical evidence, social media and process are key to enhanced sales volume for the Cropchem brand.  This study is expected to assist economic policy makers in designing policies that will help infant and/or local industries to survive in highly competitive business environments dominated by large foreign companies.


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